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Robin Doodle



And this is why Batman always needs a Robin. :]
It's lovely, but I can't help thinking that he looks like he's about to trip over something and fall off the edge of the building. :D
Hehee, yep. Don't lean to far, boy. But the wind feels so niiiiiice~ Or perhaps Bruce is just to the left of the shot. I don't even know.
Bruce better be around there somewhere, 'cause I wouldn't be surprised if Ivy were standing on top of the building across the road calling for Robin to jump. After all, he certainly seems to be following his nose!
Must be why Bats keeps him around. <3
Beautiful and sexy. Dammit Loony only you can make Robin this hot. >.<
Please tell me that i am not the only one who thinks the idea of Robin is not incredibly, totally, and absurdly hot?
Robin annoys me. D= But...you're making him a kink of mine, if that's any consolation. X3~
YES, Robin Fanart, it's about dang time!!
Huzzah to you ma'am!
And I'm totally linking this from my journal, just fyi.
Woohoo, boy wonder! Hey thank you so much, that's awesome. :]
What a cutie.
I'm a serious Robin tard.
The world needs more Robin tards. Nice to meet another. :D
Well, I like to think of it this way, the less Robin tards there are, the less we have to share. ;D

I have this huge thing for Jason Todd. <3