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I'm debating doing commissions. Hm.


Yes, please do! I love your work.
Aww thanks! That's awesome to hear. Especially while I've been so quiet lately. ^^; This might be the first time I'm REALLY considering it, even though I've seen so many people do it in the past. I need to figure out what reasonable prices are, lol.
Hey, why not? It'd be fun and lucrative, right?

PS. Hello.
It'll help slightly if nothing else.

Lol, hello there!
I love your art! I've never commissioned before, but I'd definitely consider it :-)
I've never done it either! Haha. XD
I want one! If you do, please make sure I get a spot - you should so do this.
I'd NEVER turn you down, haha, you don't have to worry about that. You can have aaaall the commissions you want. I really think I am. Now to set up a post and outline prices....and figure out paypal. I think I hate money.
To my credit, I lasted about 5 seconds before the ideas for potential commissions flooded through my mind... and then my pants.
Yes please.
Not that I could afford anything!