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I'm still here, still reading fic, still checking LJ, almost every other day. I just can't figure out what to saaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Sorry guys.


D'aww. XD *waves back*
::: hugs :::

We miiiiiiiiiss you and hope you are having much fun~
Lookit that little Joker, all happy to see me, smilin' so big. :3 Thank youuuu. I miss everyone too. But yes, life is moving along like crazy. And I am happy. <3
Hiiiiiii! It's good to know you're around. I think of you often, so it's lovely to see you drop in for a hello :)
Lol, nice icon. Good to hear from you! I see your entries pop up every once in a while. Like that christmas tree.
story of my life.
Hey I remember you around!
I've been thinking lots about you (I'm writing a story for Yuletide and just can't stop thinking how I'd love you to illustrate it - not asking you to do it, just that I know how pretty your art would be ;-).
Awww thank you. That means a lot, especially when I've been all but out of commission for so long. I wish so much that the goings on outside of fandom could cross over into fandom once in a while (I'd have more people to talk to!).